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It's Foam Time!

We now have THREE ways to have fun with us!



Fom Parties for Kids

Kids Foam Parties!

Get Ready to Blow your Kids’ Minds!

It's Foam Time has hosted over FIFTEEN HUNDRED (and counting!) Foam Parties at kids birthdays and events all over Los Angeles, Orange County and all over Southern California - so you know you're dealing with the BEST!


Let us bring our huge pile of dense bubbles to you for you and your kiddos to go BONKERS in! Our super awesome Foam Cannons shoot hypo-allergenic, all natural foam high in the air, sending it floating down around your guests and creating an out of this world foam party wonderland unlike anything they have ever experienced!

Our flexible installation allows us to accommodate a variety of venues all over L.A. and Orange County California, including backyards, driveways, sports courts and parking lots. We just need a medium to large flat surface, free of obstacles and access to a water hose hookup and electricity and we’re good to go!

How does it work?

We bring our Foam Cannon, aka The FOAMINATOR, to you and create continuous Foam for your guests, you and your family to go crazy in while the Foam collects into a GIANT pile of hypo-allergenic safe and super clean, dense bubble FOAM PARTY!


Plus we provide Kid-Friendly Pop tunes (original artists, NEVER KidzBop) played from our professional quality speaker to get your family moving. Included FREE of charge with every Foam Party Zone!

The best part?  -the ear-to ear smiles, lifetime memories and ENDLESS Insta-worthy Kids Foam picture and video opportunities!

Wanna up the cool factor?

Check out our
Foam Party!

Our GlowXTreme night time glow foam parties are out of this world awesomeness!


In addition to our incredible usual service, we bring black lights and dance lighting to make the foam change colors and glow, as well as DJ caliber dance tunes to get the party going.  This is the option to go with for the older kids or the kids who just want that extra wow!

Prices and Packages



The 45 Minute
daytime foam zone!


Intended for those on a budget or with smaller groups and smaller children - features our Foamzooka, a safety certified foam expert and kid friendly dance pop tunes! 

(45 Minutes) 


The One hour 
daytime foam


Just the right amount of time for almost all at home events, and for all ages - especially incredible as a full family fun activity, features our safety certified foam expert, our Foamzooka, and kid friendly dance pop tunes!  (One Hour) 


The 90 Minute
daytime foam zone!


We don't usually recommend more than an hour for a home foam party or birthday party activity, but if you are planning something a bit larger, this option is great for all ages! Also features our safety certified foam expert, our Foamzooka, and kid friendly dance pop tunes!

(90 Minutes) 


nighttime Foam


This insanely epic night time Foam experience features continuous Foam for 60 to 90 minutes from our Foamzooka, manned by one of our Safety Certified Foam Experts, and including dj quality music, dance lighting, black light, and atmosphere lights to create a huge pile of Glowing Foam!  And as a bonus we provide glow accessories for up to 10 guests!  Perfect for those kids that need something to REALLY wow their friends! 

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Ready to Book Your Date and Time?

We make it super easy, just click the link below to be taken to our handy online booking portal, where you will be able to see our full current availability and reserve your space and time without having to make any phone calls or waiting for a response from us!*  

*That's right, no need to talk to a person on the phone here who might try to sell you things you don't need. While we are certainly more than happy to chat or text anytime at the number below, we just think now-a-days most people would rather just book their stuff on their own, or simply text, than get on the phone with a sales person. 

Prefer to talk to someone? No problem.
Text or Call us at 323-438-1314

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's answered about your Foam Party for Kids

  • So what exactly is a Foam Party for Kids?
    At our Foam Parties, we show up at your birthday party, house, business, or other venue and fill up a designated area with safe and organic foam. It can pile up as high as SEVEN FEET, but we try to keep it below kid shoulder height, creating a giant pile of bubble fantasy wonderland every child goes crazy for! Meanwhile we play kid-friendly dance pop tunes (original artists, never Kidz Bop) to get the party going!
  • What The Heck is the foam made of? Is is safe?
    Our foam is completely safe and non-toxic, as well as plant-based, organic and gluten-free! It consists of mostly water with two all-natural foaming agents which are also found in organic soaps, like Seventh Generation. We like to say it’s soap without the soap!
  • What Surfaces work for a Kids foam party zone?
    Almost any medium to large flat surface free of obstacles will work, such as a yard, driveway or sports court. Grass can get muddy and harder surfaces can get hot, but both work great, it’s all about your personal preference. The only real no-no are glossy surfaces, like marble or painted concrete. A good rule is if it’s slick when it rains, it will be slick with foam, but not any more than.
  • Will a Home Foam Party harm my Lawn?
    The foam at one of our Kids Foam Parties itself will not harm your grass, but the feet running around in it may cause some wear. No more than any other activity you may have on your lawn, such as a slip ‘n slide or any wet lawn play with a lot of little feet running on soggy grass – And it is certainly better than those giant heavy inflatable bounce houses you see on lawns. – We do recommend rinsing the area after it dries to remove any access bubble remains, but we have never had any problems!
  • What About a Pit to contain the Kids Foam? Do I need a Foam Pit?
    We do not use or recommend foam containing pits for a number of reasons. The first being kid safety. Inflatable Foam pits usually have only one entrance and one exit and – while Foam is awesome – we do want kiddos to be able get out of it easily if they are scared or otherwise. Additionally, foam pits damage lawns and, honestly because of our high-quality Foam solution, the Foam maintains it’s own shape and kids just LOVE being able to run into and out of a huge pile of bubbles from all directions!
  • What is the set-up like for a Foam Party at my home?
    Set up is quick and easy. All we need is access to an outdoor faucet and a normal plug for electricity within 50-75 feet. If those things are easily accessible when we arrive we can set up in as little as 15 minutes (though we usually arrive 30 minutes before your reservation) so we don’t disrupt your festivities at all.
  • Are your Foam Parties for Kids Slippery?
    Surprisingly, the Foam does not make the ground very slippery at all. It’s just the foaming ingredients, so it’s not slimey, like you may be thinking if you have ever been to a traditional bubble show. Surfaces can make a difference of course though, and we definitely cannot do foam on any high-gloss surface, like marble or painted concrete.
  • What's the clean-up like?
    The Foam dissolves on it’s own very quickly after the Foam Party, then some people do like to spray down the area to rinse it off when they’re ready. Alternatively, we are happy to spray down the foam with water, time permitting, but we do not recommend that on grass. For grass areas we recommend letting it dry on it’s own, then running sprinklers or spraying it later to get rid of the bubble remains.
  • What about pools? Is it safe to do a Pool Foam Party?
    We are happy to create a Foam Zone near a pool but WE DO NOT under any circumstances do Foam in a swimming pool. It is just not safe. Children (and adults) can get lost, or worse not be able to get get a good breath after coming up from under water. Some companies may, but any party business that is willing to put you and your loved ones in that kind of risk is probably not someone you want to work with. That being said, some foam will make it’s way into the swimming pool if kids jump back and forth from the foam to the pool, but it’s usually not enough to worry about.
  • Will the Foam hurt the pool if some gets in it?
    Traditional pools should be okay, however we are not pool chemists and each pool is a little different, so we cannot give any definitive answer on this. We recommend consulting with your pool person if you are worried.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    We do run occasional promo rates during our off-season or for early reservations, but, to keep things fair among our clients, we do not give discounts by request. We and our clients find it so much more rewarding to take the profits we would be losing to discounts and use them instead to donate foam, bubbles and snow to worthy non-profit charity organizations through-out the year. We call it The It’s Wow Time Community Impact Program and if you know of any deserving great kids help organizations that you think we should know about, send us an email and let us know!
  • Okay I'm excited for my own Kids Foam Party! How do I book my time and date?
    Easy! Click: the book now link on this page and grab your spot and complete your reservation! Of course text or call us with any questions - that number can also be found on this page!

Kid's Bubble Play Parties

Kids Bubble Play

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!  Our team will bring the ULTIMATE bubble experience to you! Working with our Bubble Expert, you and your friends or staff are turned loose to make giant bubbles with your kids.  We provide our proprietary AWESOME Super Bubble Solution that is guaranteed to help you make HUGE bubbles with your kiddos, using the provided bubble making tools! We also bring optional dance/pop tunes, kid friendly of course, to get the party going!   And as an added bonus, we bring our professional strength bubble making machine that fills the air with HUNDREDS of bubbles, creating a magical wonderland of bubble fun!  


This is intended as a group play activity, with your help and participation. Need something where you don’t have to be a part of it?  We can do that, just chat with us.  For optimal safety and success, we recommend one bubble expert or staff member per about every 25 kiddos. 



Courtney Z.

From booking, to set up, to clean up, our experience was exceptional and easy. Our foam expert was professional, fun, and went above and beyond to make parents and kids happy! Would happily do this again! Very pleased!

Julie C.

AMAZING experience for my daughter's 10th Bday party in our backyard. Had about 12 kids who all had a blast. Very professional, fun, punctual and flexible. Highly recommend!

Jonah K.

It was my 18th birthday and my mom surprised me with It's Foam was amazing - best party ever! There are not a lot of things you can do these days to celebrate a birthday and this was one of the best parties we have ever had!

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