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Are Foam Parties for Kids Safe?

Short answer: Absolutely, as long as you hire a reputable company you can trust!

kids playing at a foam party
Epic Kids Foam Party Picture

Long Answer: Read on!

So you’ve decided you want to really wow your guests for your child’s birthday party celebration this year with one of these Foam Party for Kids things you’ve been hearing about but you’re worried about safety? Fear not! When you hire a company with experience and know-how (like, ahem, It’s Foam Time!) you can rest assured that your kiddos will have the time of their lives while also remaining safe.

When it comes to Kids Foam Party safety, there are three things that folks worry about the most: What’s in the Foam, Is it slippery, and what about swimming pools?

First, what’s in the foam? Well… That can vary wildly depending on the company you decide to go with. Some companies cut corners to offer lower prices by using straight up dish soap. If you have ever wiped your eye by mistake while washing dishes you can imagine how that’s going to feel on your little’s faces. Not great. If you do a little research though and go with a company that’s been around a little while and knows what they are doing (like, ahem, It’s Foam Time!) you shouldn’t have to worry. There are foam making ingredients that we use that are not caustic like soap but still create awesome bubbles. Any reputable Foam Party Business will be paying a little more on their end so they can use these ingredients, unfortunately that may mean you have to pay just a little more, but it’s worth it to not send kids to the emergency room with burning eyes. If you’re worried the company you’re talking to might use dish soap, ask them. If they stutter they probably are. :)

Next, is it slippery? Surprisingly no. Well, not any more than water. As a general rule if the surface you are having your foam party on gets slippery when it rains it will be slippery with foam, though not more than. To insure maximum safety in this department it’s definitely a really good idea to go with a kids foam party company that offers a full service experience, including a manned foam machine operated by an expert foam operator trained and certified in safety (like, ahem, It’s Foam Time!). Some companies will offer to drop off a foam machine that spits out slimy foam, burying the children and the electric cords connected to it. If you’re concerned about your guest’s safety don’t go that route. Instead hire professionals that monitor and operate the foam machine while keeping an eye out for slips, obstacles, and rough play.

Last for today, Swimming Pools… How should we put this… You should NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER put foam directly on top of a swimming pool. While this sounds fun, it prevents you from being able to see a kid in distress under the foam as well as making someone coming up for air get a lung full of dense bubbles instead. It’s just incredibly unsafe. Any company that is ok doing foam on a swimming pool should send up ALL the red flags. Next to or near a pool is totally good because the amount that ends up in the pool is manageable by a trained professional, but a high quality foam machine, like a kids foam party company will have, is capable of producing foam as high as 6 to 8 FEET. Imagine that on top of a 6 to 8 feet of water? Yikes. Don’t do it. Or just hire a great company (like, ahem, It’s Foam Time!) to take care of all those safety details and make sure nothing crazy like that goes down.

Well, those are the most common safety issues related to Foam Parties for Kids, but as you can see, they are easily managed by a trustworthy company you can trust (like, you guessed it… It’s Foam Time!).

Thanks for reading, we look forward to meeting you soon!

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