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Five Tips To Plan The Perfect Foam Party for Kids!

So you've decided on a foam party for your child's birthday party or event and now you want to know what to do to make sure your day is a success? Don't worry, It's Foam Time has you covered! Read on for some helpful tips to make your Kids Foam Party a huge hit!
  1. Who You Hire is Important. Okay, first thing's first - Make sure you are hiring the right company for your needs. Some foam party companies specialize in children (like It's Foam Time hint, hint)... But seriously, you do want to make sure you are going with a business that knows what they are doing and has tons of experience with kid-specific foam parties. Things like foam height and a bubble formula that doesn't burn your kid's and friend's eyes (some companies use harsh dish soap - yikes!) are very important, so make sure you hire a kids foam party business with the experience and supplies that set you up for an incredible time.

  2. Pick the Right Surface for your Foam Party. Once you've got a great kids foam party company decided on and you have your date and time all set it's time to start planning - let's start by talking about surfaces. Generally any medium to large flat surface, free of obstacles or steps will work, but some are better than others, and you should avoid overly glossy surfaces, like marble or painted concrete. As a good rule of thumb, if it's really slippery when it rains it will be really slippery with foam, but not more than. Now that that's out of the way, it's about preference. Grass areas get wet and muddy and can take some time to recover from the feet running around on the lawn, the same as any water activity on grass. Some people worry about their lawn too much to have fun. For those people we suggest another great option: Driveways, Sports Courts or any other hard surface. The advantage is no mud, but harder surfaces can be hot on little bare feet, so you probably want to encourage water shoes.

  3. Towels! (and/or goggles) If you are using a reputable foam party for kids business the foam should not sting your little's eyes, but their faces do get covered in thick bubbles that they will want wiped off their faces. Having towels handy to wipe those adorable smiling faces is a must. Additionally, if you want, you can offer goggles to your guests. We have even seen them given as awesome party favors! Again, if you have a reputable company taking care of you you shouldn't need them, but kids do like goggles. If you go with It's Foam Time! for your Kids Foam Party, we even offer goggles and face towels at a small additional charge for your convenience. As a bonus, goggles and towels can be awesome party favors for your guests!

  4. Play the Right Music. If you've ever been to a kids birthday party and been forced to listen to Kidz Bop for an hour at full blast - oh wait, you definitely have, we ALL have. And it is it's own special kind of torture. Don't do this to your friends. Play the right music. We suggest kid friendly pop dance tunes that your adult guest love as much as your small humans. At It's Foam Time we take care of that detail for you with our dj-caliber sound system, included with every Foam Party for Children, often receiving compliments on how much everyone (children and adults alike) loves our music!

  5. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! (and Video of course!) OK, so a Foam Party for your child is going to give you sooooooo many amazing photo and video opportunities. Here's some quick ways to get the best shots: Lighting - Keep in mind there will be a lot of white in your shots, so look at the brightness as you are taking the picture, try to keep it either all in the sun or all in the shadow so you don't get a dark line across your pic. Wipe those Faces - pictures of your kiddos faces covered in bubbles look great, but you wanna have those towels we mentioned earlier available to clean those faces occasionally so you get a great picture of those smiles. Stand by the Foam Party Operator - All the kids look at where the foam is coming from and make amazing faces. You absolutely want to hang out where they are looking for those jaw-dropping photos and videos. OK, last pro-tip: Take Video and then Screen Cap it Later - The kids are going to be going nuts, running around like crazy. Getting them to stay still will be tough. Some of the best pictures we have seen were actually videos, but the Mom took a screen shot of the paused video on their phone later. Wow, right?! Thanks to all our amazing past clients for that amazing tip!

If you follow these five tips all of your worries about how to host a kids foam party should, well, melt away! Thanks for reading! For more information about what we do please visit our main page here: - We look forward to hanging out and creating some amazing memories with you soon!

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